19th July 2017

For the second year in a row, Palaces across Europe are joining together on social media to share their history, collections and behind-the-scenes pictures, highlighting their common culture and heritage.

A European Journey.

The 2017 edition is dedicated to the travels in Europe to and from Palaces. Institutions will be sharing stories about ambassadors’ visits, reception rooms, diplomatic gifts, exploration journeys… but anyone can take part in #PalaceDay by sharing their experiences in palaces.

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About the Association of European Royal Residences (ARRE)

Since 2001, the institutions in charge of the most prestigious Palace Museums in Europe have come together to form the Association of the European Royal Residences which today counts 25 members representing over 80 royal residences in 15 countries.The members of this network embody the history of Europe and protect rich and diverse cultural and historical heritages by sharing experiences and best practices, playing an important role in promoting European culture. With over 35 million visitors each year, the Royal Residences are a brand synonymous with know-how and quality, recognized by all audiences, and attracting visitors from all around the world. By reinforcing links between members’ institutions and countries, we want to strengthen collaboration at the European level through technical meetings, cooperation projects, exchanges and research programmes. The network facilitates synergy among its members, the dissemination of curatorial and administrative practices, the sharing of experiences among professionals and the reinforcement of professional skills in order to preserve the European heritage to build a better future together. Please contact us: residencesroyales@chateauversailles.fr

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Share your stories!

Use the hashtag #PalaceDay on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…) and share your stories!


Join us on #PalaceDay!

  • The event is open to all : Palaces and tweetos.
  • No registration required.
  • To appear on the map or if you have any questions, please write to palaceday@hotmail.com

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